Advice From the Future

A giftastic recap of this post.

Six months ago, our team made the decision to redo our entire help site. We redesigned everything, rewrote every article, reorganized every topic and question.

This is the advice I wish I got before we started.



But then I didn't know where to start.

Don't know where to start? Just start. Anywhere. Cut it all in half. It's scary, so what?

Everything is temporary

Ugh, but the product is always changing. Let's do nothing.


Then I accepted everything is temporary and got going.

Embrace interruptions

But oh my, the interruptions that come with customer support. Please advise this, please advise that.


You can't win if you fight interruptions. Embrace them and schedule time to get things done.

Ask for help

I tried to power through and do it all myself. Exhausting. I remember I work with talented people that want to help.


You cannot do it all alone. Don't try. Ask for help early and often.

Play the Long Game

We made tons of progress and we're about to launch. I was ready for results.


But I let go of my expectations. Anything worth doing takes time.

Keep Going

We finished. But actually not at all. We have to keep going.


Remember you're never going to be done. The help site is your best friend. Take care of it and keep making it better.

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